Saica Natur Security Destruction Service
York Street Mill,
M34 5TN


Tel: 0161 330 4971 (5 lines)

Fax: 0161 343 4055



Equipment advice Sheet
Security consoles.
Please pass this information to the Health and Safety Manager.


  • Please ensure that whilst HWP drivers are maneuvering and working on your site the area is kept clear of pedestrians and obstacles. Personnel must stand well clear of any moving goods vehicles and be in full view of the driver at all times.  

  • Customers are welcome to watch the destruction process but for safety reasons they will not be allowed inside the shredding vehicle.

  • Some customers will receive security consoles in flat pack form, if so please ensure they are built correctly by suitably qualified staff and placed in a safe position.

  • This service is designed to work on a fixed schedule. A destruction operative will exchange the full bag inside the console for an empty one and shred the contents on site. If customers are finding that consoles are full before the set collection date. The frequency can be changed to allow a more frequent collection rota.

  • Please inform HWP of any access requirements i.e. HGV access only allowed to the rear of the building after 9.00 AM.

  • Please be aware that paper can cause a fire hazard. Consoles should be positioned away from any source of heat and should not block fire exits or equipment.

  • Customers must inform HWP Immediately if any equipment provided is found to be damaged or not fit for purpose.

  • Please ensure the bins are only used for the intended purpose i.e. paper storage for security destruction. Glass or sharp objects should not be put into consoles because they cause a hazard to anyone processing the contents.

  • HWP drivers have been instructed to obey customer’s site safety rules. Please inform the driver of any special instructions or call the HWP office.

  • Two keys will be provided with each security console. Please keep consoles locked for internal security and keep keys safe