Saica Natur Security Destruction Service
York Street Mill,
M34 5TN


Tel: 0161 330 4971 (5 lines)

Fax: 0161 343 4055

Equipment advice Sheet

Please pass this information to the Health and Safety Manager.

Sack Advice

• Please ensure that whilst HWP drivers are manoeuvring on your site, the area is kept clear of pedestrians and obstacles. Personnel must stand well clear of any moving goods vehicles. They must not assist in any other duties.

• Customers are advised to carry out their own risk assessments regarding the safe handling of sacks of paper for recycling or confidential destruction. The average weight of a full sack of paper is 15 kilogram’s.

• White bags will be provided for security destruction material - these will be security-sealed by the driver before the material leaves the building. Please ask the driver if extra sacks are required.

• Empty sacks are normally provided for customers to fill at their own convenience, either with paper for recycling or confidential documents for security destruction. When the sacks are full please place them at a ground floor collection point where a collection vehicle has access.

• Please inform HWP of any access requirements i.e. HGV access only allowed to the rear of the building after 9.00 AM.

• Please do not fill sacks above the fill line printed on the sack. Overfull sacks may cause a manual handling risk and can make security-sealing the sacks difficult.

• Please ensure the sacks are only used for the intended purpose i.e. paper for recycling or security destruction. Glass or sharp objects will easily pierce the sacks and may be hazardous to anyone handling them.

• HWP drivers have been instructed to obey customers’ site safety rules at all times. Please inform the driver of any special instructions or call the HWP office on 0161 330 4971