Saica Natur Security Destruction Service
York Street Mill,
M34 5TN


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Equipment advice Sheet

Please pass this information to the Health and Safety Manager.

Skip Advice

• Please ensure that whilst HWP drivers are maneuvering on your site the area is kept clear of pedestrians and obstacles. Personnel must stand clear of any moving goods vehicles. They must not assist in any other duties.

• Please DO NOT allow your staff to climb on top of any skips provided, this is both dangerous and unnecessary. The ladders on the skip are for HWP drivers only.

• HWP drivers are not permitted to lower skips on to public roads, therefore adequate space should be provided to make the skip change over on site.

• Customers are advised to carry out their own risk assessments regarding the safe loading of skips provided for recycling or general waste disposal.

• Please DO NOT block access to skips with goods or pallets when a collection has been booked.

• Open top skips must not be filled any higher than their internal height. Overfilled skips cause serious hazards for our drivers during sheeting.

• Customers must inform HWP Immediately if any equipment provided is found to be damaged or unfit for use. Suitable replacements will be provided.

• Please ensure that skips are only used for the intended purpose i.e. cardboard recycling. Please inform staff that non recyclables such as pallets, plastic, glass etc must be segregated. General waste skips can be supplied on request.

• Customers will be responsible for the tipping and re-painting costs of burnt paper inside skips. Costs can be provided on request.

• HWP drivers have been instructed to obey customer’s site safety rules. Please inform the driver of any special instructions or call the office